Full Service Facility Management

Comal Energy Services L.P. provides the oil & gas industry with a range of services to reduce downtime and increase profitability, efficiency, reliability, safety, and compliance. Our highly trained staff have you covered in all aspects of jobsite management including conceptual plans, site planning, design, engineering, equipment procurement and installation, maintenance, compression services, inspection services, and equipment optimization.

Compression Experts

Comal’s management, designers and technicians are experts when it comes to the design, installation, operations and maintenance of compression equipment. We can design, install, operate and maintain compression from the ground up or optimize and maintain existing equipment to increase performance and availability.

Facility Optimization

Comal’s team are highly trained in the assessment of pipelines, compressor stations, treating, and processing facilities. In conjunction with our inspection personnel, we can implement optimization measures to ensure that your facilities are operating at peak capacities while complying with EPA and industry standards.

Scalable Oil & Gas Services

CES covers all aspects of oil & gas production regardless of scope or scale

Comal Energy can ramp up or down the level of dedicated resources to meet the customer’s particular needs at any point in a project. We can also provide any portion of the work required, or a complete turn-key solution.


Comal Energy Services can design, procure and install oil and natural gas processing, treating and compression equipment anywhere in the country.

Project Management

Comal Energy Services has construction management teams ready to oversee new facility construction or additions to existing facilities, from start to finish..

Compression Services

Our technical services group is available to operate and maintain your gas compression facilities.


Our technical services and facility operations teams are available to assist with start-up and commissioning of compressor stations and plants.

Facility Operations

Our facility operations group is skilled at providing on site optimization, maintenance and staffing to keep your job site running efficiently.


Our technical services team is always available to inspect new or existing pipelines, plants, treating facilities, and compressor stations..

Highly Trained & Certified
Energy Industry Staff

Oil & Gas experts that you can trust!

Every employee that we send to the field has been highly trained and certified in their area of expertise as well as industry and company specific health and safety regulations. Whether they are Comal Energy employees or contracted technicians hired through our staffing service, you can always trust that you have the best people for the job.


As a company who relies on contractors to help us meet our goals Comal is at the top of the game as far as dedication, safety and a knowledge base to complete whatever the task at hand may be.

Mark Whiteley Pioneer Natural Resources

The combined experience of our management and design teams allow us to quickly and easily adapt to meet the needs of our midstream and compression customers.

Garett Sherrod Project Coordinator